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From The Courage To Win - Sport Mental Toughness Program

Breakthrough Confidence: The most important skill you will learn as an athlete. In this 17 page guide from one of Canada’s top mental toughness coaches, you will learn the key to getting and keeping confidence in your sport so you can deliver flawless performances under pressure every time.

How To Build Champion Sprinters

Latif Thomas, coach of champion sprint teams, goes over the mechanics, phases and training for the 200m.

[Video] Track Coach to Olympic Champions Gives Tips on Sprinting Technique

Tom Tellez has coached olympic stars and gold medalists including 8 time gold medalist Carl Lewis. In this video he gives some tips on proper technique while running to help maximize your sprint speed.

10 Commandments for a Great Sports Parent

by Craig Sigl. 10 things parents must learn if they want to be a great parent for their youth in sports.


How to respond to your youth’s performance;
What to say & when to talk about frustrations or give advice;
How to deal with fairness;
How to prepare them for difficulties;
Getting your youth to think big;
and More.