Section 4 - Muscles and Movements

Hip Adductors

Figure 1. Hip Adductors

The hip adductors are a group of four muscles located in the internal femoral region on both sides of the body. Their names are:

1) Adductor Longus
2) Adductor Brevis
3) Adductor Magnus
4) Gracilis

These muscles are shown in figure 1 above.

The hip adductors main function is to adduct or bring your legs towards the midline of the body as well as to cross one leg over the other. This occurs during any athletic movement requiring you to move from side to side such as playing the infield in baseball, defense in basketball and football, and ice skating. They are also used in activities such as horseback riding where inward pressure by your thighs is required to maintain a firm and stable riding posture.This is illustrated in Figures 2a and 2b.

Figure 2a.Flexion of Leg Behind Thigh

Figure 2b.
Neutral Position

Figure 2b.

Figure 2b.
Hip Adduction

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