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Accelerating your performance and increasing your athletic speed is what every athlete desires. And within these seemingly unassuming and flexible strips of rubber lies the one dynamic property that every athlete will want to harness to help them accomplish this.

The physical property within the resistance band that I am referring to is known as a Spring Constant. The spring constant is the term used to define how stiff, or lack thereof, a given resistance band, or for that matter, a rubber band is when you attempt to stretch it.

A resistance band with a high spring constant will be harder to stretch than one with a low spring constant. You, as an athlete, more than likely have already encountered this at some point in your training by observing that some exercise bands are harder to stretch than others. This difference is directly related to the spring constant found within the band.

You may have also observed that these resistance bands come in many different colors. This is done for a reason as the companies who make them usually do so in a way to help athletes quickly identify the strength (the spring constant), within a given band.