Section 4 - Muscles and Movements

Hip Flexors

Figure 1. Hip Flexors

The hip flexor muscles (also known as thigh flexors) are a group of seven muscles located on both sides of the body. Their names are:

1) Psoas
2) Iliacus
3) Sartorius
4) Vastus Rectus (a.k.a Rectus Femoris)
5) Adductor Longus
6) Adductor Brevis
7) Pectineus

These muscles are shown in Figure 1 above.

The hip flexors main function is to flex the thigh upon the pelvis. This occurs during activities such as running, jumping, and walking. This is illustrated in Figures 2a and 2b

Figure 2a.Flexion of Leg Behind Thigh

Figure 2a.
Neutral Position

Figure 2b.

Figure 2b.
Thigh Flexed on Pelvis

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