During Thanksgiving week Nearly 1,000,000 (1 million) folks will grab hold of the brand new Fire Fan app as soon as it is released - making it an all-time record breaking app launch.

If you want to get in on the game day action then pre-register like all the others by clicking the banner above.

This awesome revolutionary  app, designed by the same guy who did Madden Football, is to be launched a few days before Thanksgiving Day.

If you are watching NFL on Thanksgiving Day with Family or Friends make sure they all have Fire Fan on their devices at game time so you can play with them, or against them - even if they live in a different part of the country!

Fire Fan will be super social and super fun! You call the plays and predict the results all live with the game you are watching. Create you own leagues, invite friends to play or play along with people anywhere in world - including Athletes and Celebrities!

Those who pre-register will know exactly when the app launches and how to get it - and will automatically get 12 bonus tokens which will let you play along with the live game.

When you download Fire Fan you will be set for the rest of the NFL season, the playoffs and the Superbowl - If you are good enough you may even win some prizes to boot!

And it doesn't stop there! With Fire Fan you can play against all kinds of live sporting events, including NBA, MLB, Soccer, and even the biggest Golf and Tennis events in the world.

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http://www.firefan?code=firebuilder    (use access code FireBuilder)

Get them all pre-registered and we will be breaking all kinds of records!

Watch the Fire Fan Trailer Video: