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Revolutionary 3-minute speed training workouts are helping athletes around the world reach their athletic dreams.

Release untapped muscular energy that will dramatically improve your speed and make you a better player.

  • No Special Equipment Needed

    The exercises can be done practically anywhere and anytime and require no special equipment. It takes only 15 minutes a day, 4 days a week.

  • Helps Anyone Get Faster

    These exercises are safe and work for nearly anyone. They are used by Professional athletes, College and High School champions as well as beginner youth as young as 8 years of age – and anyone in between.

  • Faster Speed Times Come Quickly

    Athletes using this training see dramatic results in their running speed and performance very quickly, even in mid-season… and even if they’ve been doing conventional training for months or even years.

Here's the proof you are looking for...

Darrell Wesh

60m High School National Champion

I was ranked #1 in the U.S. at 55m in Indoor Track and Field with an incredible 6.30 time.

I went on to first place in the Nike Indoor Nationals 60m dash with yet another #1 at 6.73 for 60m.

I wasn’t always that fast. People have asked me what I did to improve so dramatically from my Junior year.

I simply used the RUN FASTER training program, complementing it into my workout regimen.

Thank you so much Dr. Larry Van Such for an incredible product.

This is Darrell Wesh, and I am proud to be a RUN FASTER customer.

– 2010 U.S. National Champion 60m
– 2010 U.S. National Runner Up 100m
– Fastest U.S. Times in the 55m, 60m, and 300m
– Virginia Group AAA champion in the 100, 200 and 4X100 relay
– Virginia Indoor State Meet champion in the 55 and 300
– 2010 Virginia Gatorade Athlete of the Year

Darrell Wesh Virginia Beach, VA
Greg Weichers

We Tried Many Other Approaches. Only This One Increased Speed.

We have tried Nike Sparq, parachutes, pulling weighted sleds, plyometrics, leg weights and sprints uphill and downhill, and the only approach we found that actually increased leg turnover (speed and quickness), was the resistance bands and the program through

Although he was already talented and fast, I know the AthleticQuickness training has helped tremendously.

Thank you. We’re total believers in your system.

– All State Wide Receive as a HS Junior
– Top Rated Wide Receiver in the West
– Recruited by PAC-12 Colleges and Nationally

Greg Weichers South Jordan, UT

College Soph Tries Everything With No Results. Then Runs Personal Best in 3 weeks

“I am now a sophomore in college and  No matter what I did or how hard I tried, my times were still the same and they were not getting any better.

I came upon this website and tried the exercise about every other day for about 3 weeks.

I just had my first outdoor meet of the season, and I ran my personal best in the 800 (2:32) .. a time I have never ever ran in an open 800.

I am excited now to keep this up and see what the rest of the season brings, and hopefully I can break 2:30 which is a goal of mine that I have had for a very long time.”

Allison Center Valley, PA
David Jones

Awarded Best HS Player in Tennessee

I recommend this program to any & every athlete that is looking to gain that ‘competitive edge’.

Thank you so much for everything Dr. Van Such, this program has been the backbone to many of my achievements.

My senior year of high school I was awarded “Mr. football” labeling me as the best player in the state of Tennessee.”

– Granted several D1 scholarships
– Awarded Best Football Player in state of Tennessee
– Played 4 years at Middle Tennessee State University

David Jones South Pittsburgh, PA
Anthony Chesson

Breaks 200m Record in Southern Classic

I’d just like to say that the RUN FASTER speed training exercises that I did last season worked!!

Initially, they helped me take a second off my best 100m and 200m times.

I was ranked second in my state and in the Southern Track Classic I broke the 200m record set by an NFL Pro-bowler.

Thank you for coming up with this program. I recently bought two more sets of resistance bands, so expect more reports from me very soon.

– Ranked #2 In Virginia
– Breaks 200m record

Anthony Chesson Midlothian, Va
Kim E.

10 Year old Gets Drastic Improvement. He’s Now Excited to Do Even More.

“I purchased the bands and isometric program for my 10 year old son. After only two weeks of doing the exercises on his off soccer practice nights, I noticed a difference in his running. He is actually taking off when he runs.

The exercises are developing his muscles for the take off sprint motion. He is taking longer strides and is getting to the ball quicker. 

He noticed it and now is excited to do the exercises even more. Follow the instructions and it will work. I am truly amazed.

He was in a very expensive speed school and it was not helping him at all.  He hated going to it. He loves this program!”

Kim E. Reading, PA

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