Become a Stronger Soccer Player with Speed, Quickness and Kicking Power!

Revolutionary 3-minute speed training workouts are helping athletes around the world reach their athletic dreams.

Release untapped muscular energy to dramatically run faster, kick harder and make you a better soccer player on offense and defense.

  • No Special Equipment Needed

    Exercises can be done practically anywhere and anytime and require no special equipment. Takes only 15 minutes a day.

  • Helps Anyone Get Faster and Play Better

    Exercises are safe and work for nearly anyone. Used by Professionals, College and High School players, youth as young as 8 years of age – and anyone in between.

  • Speed, Quickness and Stronger Kicks Come Quickly

    Dramatic results in running speed, kicking and soccer performance come very quickly, even in mid-season.

Here's the proof you are looking for...

Frankie D.

State Soccer Player of the Year

I have used your product for the past few years on and off for track and soccer season. I use the “Kick Karther and Run Faster” book.

Your training methods work great. I just wanted to say thank you for putting these training programs out there! I want to let you know I will continue to live by your training methods!

– Maine High School Soccer Player of the Year
– United States Achievement Academy National Soccer Award
– Conference Record Holder in the 200M


Frankie D. Bethel, Maine

More Scoring Opportunities

The speed program is incredible! After just 14 days I have seen huge results as I feel more athletic, explosive and quick as I play soccer.

This increase in speed allows me to make goal scoring situations a lot more frequently. It has helped my game hugely and I strongly recommend the program to any soccer player!

Dylan Auckland, New Zealand
Carl B.

Speed No Longer Holding Him Back


I play soccer and I’m a central midfielder, but I’ve always been a bit slower than everyone else on my team. I’m very talented on the ball, but my speed was holding me back.

I am absolutely blown away by how good this has been. And now, my team can rely on me even more than usual. I can’t wait to continue the program to see how fast I can get! Thanks so much.

Carl B. England
Tiego C.

Feels Like he’s a Super Version of Himself

I wanted to talk to you about the Kick Farther program and how it helped so much in my performance.

Its speed training exercises improved my sprinting speed and agility in ways I couldn´t imagine! But thats not all! I also realised that my skills (like the “stepovers”) can be done with a lot more pace. My soccer moves improved thanks to the quickness I now have.

In a funny way I feel like I´m a super version of myself. These aspects are really important to me because they give me more confidence during a soccer game.

Well, as you can see things are going excelent since I got your incredible program. I guess what I am trying to say is that I really appreciate what did for meI wish the best for you all. Thank You, Tiago (Portugal)

Tiego C. Portugal
Kim E.

10 Year old Sees Drastic Improvement, Now Excited to Do Even More.

“After only two weeks of doing the exercises on his off soccer practice nights, I noticed a difference in his running. He is actually taking off when he runs. The exercises are developing his muscles for the take off sprint motion. He is taking longer strides and is getting to the ball quicker.

He noticed it and now is excited to do the exercises even more. 

He was in a very expensive speed school and it was not helping him at all. He hated going to it. He loves this program!”

Kim E. Reading, PA
Matt B.

Shooting More Great Goals

I was the fastest on my soccer team. Therefore, I was running around the defense. I’d get the ball passed up to me and I’d have to knock it on and run around the defense. However, I found it hard to retrieve the ball at the other end.

Thanks to your program I am able to get the ball at the other side of the man and shoot great goals. Thank you AthleticQuickness for helping me become the runner I am today

Matt B. Zurich, Switzerland

Why it Works...

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